Michelle pledged to the democracyFIRST Promise today, which consists of the following four principles:

  • “Support every eligible American citizen’s freedom to exercise their right to register and vote in free, fair, accessible, safe, and secure elections.
  • Denounce any attempt to intimidate, harass, threaten, or incite violence against opponents, their supporters, and election workers.
  • Restore trust and faith in our democracy, not undermining our electoral process by knowingly propagating falsehoods and misinformation.
  • Accept the final election result and concede the contest if I lose after all ballots are counted. I will support the peaceful transfer of power and certification of the election. Any claims of election irregularities, or requests for recounts of election contests, will be submitted in good faith for judgment by election officials and/or the judicial system under the law without intimidation, violence, undermining faith in elections through disinformation or other unlawful means.”

democracyFIRST is an organization dedicated to protecting free, fair, and inclusive elections and safeguarding America’s democracy against extremists.

Of the Promise, Michelle said, “Access to free, fair elections and the peaceful transfer of power are the cornerstone of a strong America. As a voter and a candidate, I am proud to join the democracyFIRST Promise to uphold the foundational principles of our democratic republic and vow to do my part in restoring people’s confidence in our democratic process.”

To learn more, visit https://democracyfirstpromise.org/