A proud Luzerne County native, Michelle Rothenbecker is a small business owner, lover of live music, and nature enthusiast who loves spending time in Pennsylvania’s beautiful natural spaces by hiking, gardening, and camping. Michelle is looking forward to using her leadership and business background to help move Luzerne County forward away from the disasters and scandals of the past and toward a transparent government that will serve the best interests of the people.

Vision, Issues, & Values

Luzerne County has unfortunately been marred by disaster and scandal throughout its history. Each person in this county has a personal story about how the history of Luzerne County has affected them and their loved ones. The people of Luzerne County are strong, and people are ready for a positive change. Luzerne County is ready to move forward, away from the scars of mining disasters, floods, corruption, and scandal, and toward a transparent government that will serve the best interests of the people.

Michelle is a middle class small business owner. Growing up, she found her  community going to punk and hardcore shows, and it is through that community that Michelle learned the importance of DIY (do-it-yourself) and grassroots movements. Luzerne County needs a government that understands what it is like to struggle to pay rent or put food on the table and that knows how to work hard together.

Pay county employees fair wages to create a more efficient government. Our county employees are not always paid a fair market value. By paying county employees fair wages, we can attract top talent and reduce turnover, leading to a more stable, efficient county government.

Protect our natural spaces by creating a department to focus on environmental services and projects. Luzerne County’s beautiful natural areas are great for recreation and tourism, and they need to be protected and expanded.

Save money in the budget through common sense measures and modernization. By implementing best practice travel and expense policies, modernizing and digitizing operating procedures, and negotiating contracts with vendors, we can invest in programs that improve food security, tackle underemployment, and reduce recidivism. 

Blending Empathy and Compassion with Strong Leadership

About Michelle

Michelle Rothenbecker was raised in Larksville and graduated from Wyoming Valley West High School. Rothenbecker attended Wilkes University and holds a Master of Business Administration and a Master of Education in Instructional Design, both from Western Governors University. She currently resides in Bear Creek Township.

In 2021, after working in online education for more than 15 years, Rothenbecker started her own small business, Ruby Run LLC, an educational and training consulting company focusing on online learning and accessibility consulting. Prior to founding Ruby Run LLC, Rothenbecker was an executive for an online education company. She believes her leadership and business experience, including managing budgets, modernizing operating procedures and technology, and leading cross-functional teams will help her to collaborate to ensure an efficient, effective government.

Rothenbecker also serves as a Luzerne County Democratic Committee Member for the Sixth District.

News & Updates 

Michelle Takes the democracyFIRST Promise

Michelle pledged to the democracyFIRST Promise today, which consists of the following four principles: "Support every eligible American citizen’s freedom to exercise their right to register and vote in free, fair, accessible, safe, and secure elections. Denounce any...

Run for Something Endorses Michelle

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